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Eleventh President of India, A.P.J. Abdul Kalam says, “Global society today requires prosperity with inclusion, development with equity and industrialization with environmental concern.” Of the roughly five billion world population, a billion or so are stuck at the bottom and another two billion live in conditions of under utilization of talent and resources, and of deprivation. The development of the past half century has led to economic growth but has also resulted in widening the gap between the rich and the poor, multiple environmental crises and rapid depletion of natural resources. The problems we face in the 21st Century cannot use models of the past, instead, new development approaches which are sustainable, i.e. simultaneously create social, environmental and economic wealth for individuals, communities and the planet as a whole, are required.

Great examples of sustainable development models are found across the world. You and I don’t have to wait for the big corporations, NGOs and government for sustainable development. Individuals too can pursue entrepreneurship where sustainability is at the core to the business. In her pursuit to research social and sustainable entrepreneurship, Aparna has interacted with number of real world case studies, studied business models and best practices. She has developed research based models to launch social entrepreneurial ventures and developed a repertoire of tools pertaining to “what” entrepreneurs need to do and “how” they should carry out the actions. 

Read Aparna blogs on Sustainable Entrepreneurship and contact her if you wish to learn more about her research.


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