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Tutor Doctor of Northwest Chicago

Aparna Katre is proud to be the owner of the Tutor Doctor Franchise for the Northwest suburbs of Chicago. She focuses on personalized learning needs of students and adults. Her business provides students the much needed support to their classroom instruction and assignments, as well as addresses the building blocks that were missed from earlier grades. One-on-one tutoring helps students build confidence, and get individualized support and better grades. Marks typically rise 10 – 20% in the first 6 months. We recognize that making a difference in a student's academic performance involves having an impact on not only their studies, but also on the student’s confidence, organizational/study skills, and dreams. We want to make a lasting difference in our students’ lives.

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Just like K-12 students adults in the workforce and those aspiring to join the workforce often face challenges with one or more of writing effective business cases, applying analytical skills at workplace and making business decisions using analytical tools. Aparna, through her educational initiatives offers personalized and small group coaching to adults in the areas of Business Writing, Managerial Analytics and Decision Making. The coaching complements formal MBA and other academic programs and are personalized for the individual.

To see an example of coaching provided to the non-native English speakers on Business Writing visit the blog of our Writing Doctor . To schedule a free consultation for your specific needs email Aparna Katre

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