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Technology may be viewed through the dual lenses of the broad knowledge and performance requirements needed by members of the global workforce, as well as the daily practices and tools used by digital-aged youth. Students need the natural environment they live in for their learning too, which includes components that are highly motivating and age appropriate. The learning environment should include global issues, communications in global & local teams, computational tools and approaches used in science, technology, engineering and mathematics in real world settings, digital media tools and approaches used in research, exploration, social networking, and creativity and entrepreneurship involved in forming innovative solutions to global challenges.

Unfortunately most classroom environments across the world do not cater to these needs. Many are changing albeit slowly! It is Aparna’s passion to look at systemic gaps and design programs which will be self-sustaining to address these learning needs.

One such program Games-Based Learning  uses digital technology and virtual world for learning; whereas, another program, SARAL School ,uses Robotics as the primary platform for students to learn real-world application of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and develop deep interests to design solutions needed in the 21st Century.

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